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Helsinki Coffee Festival 2019: A Gateway to Good Coffee


The biggest coffee event in Finland, Helsinki Coffee Festival was organised fifth time. The event promises to be the biggest pop-up café and largest coffee store in Finland - and that's what it surely is.

Barista Institute Tests: “BRO” - First ever Lithuanian coffee brewer


So, today I would like to introduce you to the “BRO”, first ever attempt to create a Lithuanian coffee brewer. When I bought it the guy who developed it, Emanuelis Ryklys said, “Take care of the Brother”. That sure forms some kind of attachment to this unique coffee dripper 😊 

London Coffee Festival 2019: Mindful and Tasty Event for Coffee Lovers


Yet another day in the office? Well not quite! I went to London Coffee Festival and it was a blast of novelties, art, coffee experiments, latte art and lots of fun. Here are some the things that caught my eye during the festival. If you're looking for coffee events around the world, make sure to check what's on from our Coffee Calendar!

Second Life of Coffee: Recycling Coffee Grounds into Something New


We love coffee a LOT but there is always a bit of a quirky feeling about the waste left over from our favorite beverage. It is degradable so that is one solution but would there be something else to use it for. There is a theory that people around the world get the same ideas simultaneously, so I figured out that probably other people are struggling with this as well. I found a few very clever companies using coffee grounds for new products. Here are my favorites and don’t hesitate to comment below if you find something even more fascinating.

A Cup of Coffee with Tim Wendelboe


I grabbed a cup of espresso with Tim Wendelboe to talk to him about the changes coffee has gone through from his point of view and what he predicts going forward. 

3 Cold brew coffee recipes for the summer!


Cold brew is fun because it works perfectly in many different coffee recipes. Cold brew coffee is strong and that gives flexibility to mix it with various flavours. Here's some inspiration for your summery cold brew drinks!

Aeropress Movie: The story from product to phenomena


If you're fan of Aeropress, I'm sure you've heard about this: There's a documentary about AEROPRESS! Read a short review what I thought after watching it.

How to measure strength of coffee?


Tasting coffee is hard but one thing people always taste is the strength of the coffee. We can all agree that espresso is stronger so it has more flavour than filter coffee. But let’s again dig deeper into the world of strength of coffee!

Vibes from Vilnius Coffee Festival 2019  


Colours, laughs, caffeine. New interesting products. Grinders singing, baristas talking passionately. Art Factory “Loftas” was packed with coffee enthusiasm for three days in Vilnius Coffee Festival 2019.