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Tervetuloa tutustumaan kahviblogiimme! Kansainväliseltä sivustoltamme löydät tietoa uusimmista kahvitrendeistä, kahvin valmistukstuksesta, juttuja alkuperämaista ja muita kokeiluja, joista päätimme kirjoittaa sinun iloksesi - tule mukaan kahviyhteisöömme!

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Visiting World of Coffee Berlin 2019


World of Coffee is the biggest coffee fare in Europe and again this year thousands and thousands of coffee geeks gathered in Berlin to see what’s new in coffee. Also new coffee champions were crowned in World of Coffee -event!

How to Make Good Coffee: Top 5 Tips to Success


Yearning for a good cup of coffee but struggling with all the different checklists and instructions across internet? Some basic things can lead to either a misery or a pleasure in the cup. Here are TOP 5 tips for good coffee!

Coffee Lovers' Favorite Coffee Quotes


Coffee quotes are fun way to express passion towards coffee because sometimes it is difficult to explain why coffee is so important for one another. I collected some of my favorite coffee quotes in this post. Please share yours in the comments!

Télescope, Paris: Interview with Nicolas Clerc


Coming to Télescope you feel like entering a Michelin star coffee shop. Everything is so nice and simple, yet of supreme quality. The service has attention to details, and everything they serve is clean and fresh tasting. The coffees are light and taste really juicy. I strongly recommend a visit, but don’t expect to rush in and out. Take your time, go with the flow and enjoy a moment of serenity in the middle of Paris.

The Best Brew Bars in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


During the last decade, coffee culture in Russia has changed gradually, which has affected not only Moscow and Saint Petersburg but also the provinces. Numbers of brew bars and craft coffee shops have appeared all over the country, followed by a growing interest in a high-quality cup of coffee.  Let’s take a little coffee trip to Nizhny Novgorod, one of the oldest Russian cities, located at the confluence of Russia’s two main rivers: the Oka and the Volga! 

How To Make Your Garden Flourish With The Power Of Coffee


We have had some experiments regarding used coffee grounds. There was a project in Baltics where it was converted into electricity and of course there are all the face masks and scrubs lots of ladies out there have tried out.  But electricity isn’t something I can personally make at home and with my coffee consumption I wouldn’t have no face left if I would use it all for scrubs :D It got me thinking about what else could I do with my coffee leftovers and decided to dig little deeper into the compound itself and to find out if I could use it in some gardening project.

Coffee in food: not only drinking coffee but eating it, too! 


Imagine yourself in kitchen preparing food. You grab a cup of coffee and…what is going on here? You are not going to drink the coffee but to put it in your food! This blog is all about combining food with coffee!

Helsinki Coffee Festival 2019: A Gateway to Good Coffee


The biggest coffee event in Finland, Helsinki Coffee Festival was organised fifth time. The event promises to be the biggest pop-up café and largest coffee store in Finland - and that's what it surely is.

Barista Institute Tests: “BRO” - First ever Lithuanian coffee brewer


So, today I would like to introduce you to the “BRO”, first ever attempt to create a Lithuanian coffee brewer. When I bought it the guy who developed it, Emanuelis Ryklys said, “Take care of the Brother”. That sure forms some kind of attachment to this unique coffee dripper 😊