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Flavor pairing - Coffee and Bread


Bread with your morning coffee, so evident, yet – have you really tried flavor pairing it them? Being mindful about the bread as well as the coffee to create a perfect flavor pair? What is the texture, predominant flavors, temperature of the bread and time of the day? All of this is important in order to have a harmonious flavor pair. We’ll dig to main practices and tips for your own successful bread and coffee flavor pairing.

Brewers Cup 2020 - Finnish Nationals - how did the competition go?


Brewers Cup 2020 - how to prepare for the national championships?


I participated in Brewer Cup 2020 Finnish Nationals and I wanted to share how I prepared and trained for the Brewers Cup 2020. Read my tips how to prepare Brewers Cup coffee, roasting, water, brewing and presentation.

Helsinki Café Guide 2020


Helsinki’s speciality coffee scene has developed a lot during recent years and it has caught up Stockholm’s and Copenhagen’s vibrant coffee cultures. This Helsinki Café guide will help you to find good extractions in the capital of Finland. Note that this guide is focusing mainly on coffee :)

Vilnius Coffee Festival 2020


As usual, Vilnius Coffee Festival 2020 was held in March and was hosted by LOFTAS. Vilnius Coffee Festival 2020, the three-day event offered everything that was right for a decent coffee festival - lots of different coffees, a variety of barista competitions, coffee lectures and workshops. In the following article I will highlight the best moments in Vilnius Coffee Festival 2020.

Filtering coffee – differences of paper, metal, nylon and cloth


Filters are manufactured in plenty of shapes, sizes and materials. Does the filter really have an effect on your coffee? And what else should be taken into account when choosing the filter?   

Is Coffee Fortunetelling a Real Thing?


Sometime ago I tumbled into tea fortunetelling as I was writing a blog about tea and it got me thinking do people also use coffee for predictions. And that's how the quest for coffee fortunetelling begun. I have to admit I’m not into the fortunetelling scene (is there one?) so all this was completely new for me. But as sometimes people take coffee a bit too seriously this turned out to be a fun dive into the world of weird and peculiar but also funny and unserious way to have coffee.   

 Omni-roasting coffee – what is it and how do you do it?


Omni-roasting has been booming among coffee roasteries during past five years. What does omni-roasting mean? How do you omni-roast? What is the difference between traditional and omni-roast? Let's answer these questions!

9 steps how to make perfect espresso


Making great espresso is difficult. It requires at least delicious coffee beans, excellent brewing recipe, good and clean espresso machine and grinder. Also you need to know the best practices on how to actually pull an espresso. Here are my tips about the practices and my routine how I make espresso.