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Järjestämme ammattilais- ja kuluttajakursseja Pauligin koulutustiloissa. Kaikki kouluttajmme (Ella, Emmi, Karkki ja Jori) ovat SCA-sertifioituja kouluttajia ja auttavat sinua kaikissa kahviin liittyvissä kysymyksissä! Tutustu kursseihimme, blogiimme ja videoihimme - ja ota yhteyttä kun haluat tietää lisää!

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Vibes from Vilnius Coffee Festival 2019  


Colours, laughs, caffeine. New interesting products. Grinders singing, baristas talking passionately. Art Factory “Loftas” was packed with coffee enthusiasm for three days in Vilnius Coffee Festival 2019.

Choices of Sustainable Barista


Sustainability is one of our core values here at Barista Institute, we want coffee to both taste good but also be good for people and environment. Baristas are there to represent the whole value chain and we have an important role in communicating and executing the product in the best possible way.

How to make energy with used coffee grounds?


At the end of October, Paulig launched a coffee grounds campaign in Estonia. In 25 days we collected 4.4 tons of used coffee grounds, thanks to the companies and citizens who joined the project. The energy company Nelja Energia produced over 2,000 kWh of bioenergy from coffee grounds at their biogas plant. With that green energy we covered the energy needs of five households in SOS Children's Village for one month. 

What can you expect from Vilnius Coffee Festival 2019?


One of the biggest and coolest coffee events in Lithuania is Vilnius Coffee Festival. What can you expect from this year's event? Make sure not to miss these!

How to measure extraction of coffee?


You might have heard a barista saying “this coffee is over-extracted”. Term over-extracted is just an easy way to say that it has too much bitter notes and the brewing went wrong some way. Let’s dig deeper into the world of extraction!

What is SCA Brewing Skills Foundation all about? 


“A course and test for brewing coffee? Even a child can do that!” Well, not exactly if we are aiming for a high quality cup. Let me walk you through what we do on SCA Brewing Foundation course.   

Coffee Trends 2019


In the beginning of the year it is time to predict what is happening in the coffee scene during the year 2019. What will be the biggest coffee trend in 2019? Here are my predictions for the coffee trends in 2019.

New styles of brewing coffee


Do you crave for more methods for coffee brewing and want to explore the options a bit further? Me and 15 other coffee nerds attended an interesting workshop during the first ever Helsinki Coffee Week and I’ve got something to share with you!  

Barista Institute Tests: La Vandola- What Is It And How It Works?


Our sourcing manger Anna Vänskä (read here more about Anna and her passion about coffee) introduced me to a pretty new brewing equipment called Vandola. It really caught my eye because it’s really pretty and doesn’t look technical at all which is somewhat fresh in the coffee scene where all the novelties normally have lots of shiny parts and technical details. Vandola is made out of clay and it looks like something out of ancient times. Sooo what there is not to like?