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From Affogato to Ristretto: List of most common coffee drinks


Coffee drink names can be tricky and that's why we decided to collect you a alphabetical list of the coffee drinks you might bump into. So here you go: the list of most common coffee drinks!

Most Inspiring Instagram Coffee Accounts


For many of us Instragram is a place to relax and to browse to find new and cool stuff. But for baristas and coffee lovers it can also be place to learn new skills and connect with like-minded people. There is quite a lot of accounts that collect and share pic about certain subject, from those ones one can find lots new account to follow. Bur for me at least following the accounts is also way to show support the people who actually made the content so prefer to check out the whole feed and prefer to follow individual account instead of collections account. I collected few of my favorite coffee account for your inspiration and information. Enjoy! 

How to clean your espresso machine?


There is a saying in Finnish “cleanliness is half of the meal”. I know it doesn’t make any sense in English but the message is important. Cleaning your espresso machine might the most boring part of being a barista but it is really important. You are not able to get great tasting espresso if you don't clean your espresso machine properly and daily! Let's check how to clean your espresso machine.

Mihkel's trip to coffee origin; interview with a coffee farmer


From May to June, I spent 4 weeks in Kenya at coffee farms and I had a chance to meet about 15 coffee farmers. Listen their stories, get an overview what are the risks and challenges for coffee farmers. How they live every day, what their homes and farms look like. What makes a coffee farmer happy, what are the hopes and expectations of a coffee farmer. In the following interview, you can read the thoughts of  an young coffee farmer David from Kenya.  

Sweet Coffee Desserts That Make You Drool!


In part 1 of this tasty series of blog posts we showed that coffee and food are easily combined after all. Then we shared some lovely recipes for you to try. Now here we are with the Sweet Part 2!

Paulig Barista Institute Tests: The Goat Story Gina


Goat Gina is something that many of you probably have came across in social media or at least I have.  I really liked to multi functionality of Gina and the design is also pretty amazing. The manufacturer has done quite nice marketing and I just had to order one of these babies for us to try out.  So let’s begin the testing.  

Filter Basket Shape – Does It Make Difference?


There are many variables along our way to the perfect cup. When preparing drip coffee, we cannot ignore the role of basket shape. The question is: cone shaped of flat bottom? Or does it matter?  

Creating a perfect espresso recipe


Espresso recipes are important in cafés in terms of consistency and flavour. How and why are the espresso recipes made and what are the things you should consider when making a recipe for espresso? Let’s dig deeper into the world of espresso!

My coffee origin trip to Kenya through camera


From May to June, I took a journey from bean to cup in Kenya. I spent two weeks in Nyeri county and two weeks in Embu county. I had an opportunity to do all activities what is possible in coffee world – Meet with coffee farmers and their stories, help farmers on the field, pick berries, wash coffee, grade and sort coffee. What I saw, learned and experienced, you can see on my photos with descriptions.