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Aeropress Go - What Is It and How to Brew With It?


Aeropress has been a barista favourite since it made to the coffee scene 15 years ago and now they have launched a new version of it; Aeropress Go. Aeropress Go is small, light, durable, easy to wash, versatile and fast in use. What’s not to love in Aeropress Go! See what's the Aeropress Go all about and how you can use it.

4 Reasons Why Your Café Should Sell Cold Brew Coffee


Cold brew coffee is perfect drink for hot summer days but why you should definitely sell it in your café? Here are my four reasons why every café should sell cold brew coffee throughout the year!

How to Pour Latte Art - Rosetta


Rosetta is probably the easiest and hardest latte art pattern to pour as it's easy to get started with but hard to master. Here is my guide how to pour a latte art rosetta pattern and what to consider when pouring the rosetta. 

Cacao and Coffea - the Differences and Similarities of Chocolate and Coffee


Coffee and chocolate are often compared thanks to the overlap between their growing regions and the similarities in flavor notes.  Both coffee and cacao share a huge flavor profile; over 600 aromatic compounds in cacao and more than 1000 in coffee! Let’s dig into more similarities and differences between the two gorgeous plants!

Milk Steaming 101 - Basics of Creating Microfoam


Are you new to milk steaming or are struggling with milk steaming to create the perfect micro foam? Steaming milk with seem hard at the start but milk steaming is easy and simple once you master few basic tips. Here are our tips how to steam the perfect milk and create microfoam.

Coffee Kombucha - the Perfect Match of Two Trends of 2020


Kombucha has become extremely popular a few years back as there are many health benefits in it and it is a naturally fizzy drink with sweetly fermented flavor. It has been around long before the hipsters found it and it became part of the today’s heath trend of functional beverages. Study of Wiley University tells that it originally comes from China where it was used for its health benefits as early as 220 BC. In 414 AD it was bought to Japan by physician Kombu to help Emperor Inkyo with digestive problems. This where the name Kombucha is also derived. Traveling on trade routes Kombucha found its way to Russia and into Eastern Europe where it has been used ever since.

How to Brew Iced Coffee?


Iced coffee is often overlooked and it's a great way to brew cold coffee at home. Iced coffee is also probably the fastest way to brew cold and refreshing coffee drink at home as you don't need 16 hours of brewing like in cold brew or an espresso machine like in iced latte. In iced coffee a part of the brewing water is replaced with ice placed in the decanter and the coffee otherwise brewed like pour over filter coffee. Let's dig deeper into iced coffee!

4th Wave of Coffee - Project by Robert Paulig Roastery and Artisan Cafe


4th wave of coffee - what is it? In 3rd wave it was all about micro-roasterys, handcraft and sourcing transparency. What can be expected of the 4th wave of coffee and what is the project that Robert Paulig Roastery and Artisan Café did together to show us all an example what the 4th wave of coffee is all about.

Coffee Trends 2020 - Year of Dalgona, Specialty Coffee and Ready-to-Drink


What is happening in the coffee scene during the year 2020? What will be the biggest coffee trend in 2020? What are the big and small trends in coffee? Here are my predictions for the coffee trends in 2020.