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Chemex - What is It and How to Use It?


Chemex is an elegant looking coffee brewing device. Chemex can be used in cafes, at home or where ever you want to brew several cups at a time and have the audience fascinated by the view. Let's see what is Chemex about and how to brew coffee with Chemex!

The Coolest Cafés in Tallinn - 2020 edition


If you are in Tallinn and crave some good coffee, this is the post for you! This post is concentrated on the specialty coffee cafés in Tallinn. Tallinn has many great cafés to visit, but here are my top picks to visit in Tallinn.

Coffee Meditation Will Get You Through the Darkest Days


The reason why most of us practice meditation is that it helps us to find inner peace, improves perception, helps brain to rest, helps us to stay in the present moment and most of all perfects our sense of contentment as a whole. There is plenty of research about the positive effects of mediation towards comprehensive well-being of people. Researches show that meditation helps people to concentrate on the present moment and prevents dilution of thoughts. Dilution of thoughts had negative effect on learning new and fulfilling tasks. 

Agitation & Coffee: How to Extract More?


What is agitation and why we need it when brewing coffee? Is agitation a barista’s key to success? Can we make a brew without? If you are aiming to consistent extraction (and why wouldn’t you!), agitation is one of your tools to be the captain and not the co-pilot of the upcoming brews.

The Italian Classic - Espresso Affogato


Espresso Affogato – sounds familiar or unheard? Are you using every opportunity in the summer to indulge in it? Or you’ve been savoring affogato while in Italy? If there’s any fact that you don’t know about it – it will be revealed right now. 

Paulig Café & Store: Finnish Coffee Culture in the Very Heart of Moscow


Paulig Café & Store is a Paulig flagship coffeehouse in Russia, a unique place for coffee lovers, inspired by Finnish Paulig Kulma and a new point on Moscow coffee map with a great coffee, superior food and beverages!

Raf Coffee - What is It and How to Make it?


Outside of Russian borders, Raf coffee might sound something ever heard of. Raf coffee has been booming in Russian in the past decades and now it's starting to enter other coffee cultures as well. See what is Raf about and how to make it!

How to Make Coffee Ice Cream


Summer is here! Ice cream and ice pops bring us relief on a hot day and if they contain coffee, even better! Here are 3 different ways to enjoy coffee in the form of those cold coffee delicacies!

How is Russian Coffee Culture Like?


Russian coffee culture has developed rapidly during the past decade: numbers of third wave coffee shops and specialty coffee roasters appeared all over the country. Still Russian coffee culture is underdeveloped and it has a lot of potential to grow. Let's see how is Russian coffee culture like!