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Latte vs. Flat White - What is the Difference?


Caffé latte and flat white are definitely the most ordered espresso based drinks in cafés around the world but what are they really? Have you ever wondered the difference between caffé latte vs. flat white? Let's see what makes caffé latte and flat white different from each other!

Freezing Coffee Beans - Why and How You Should Do It?


Freezing coffee beans for storage has been a controversial topic in the coffee industry in the past but lately freezing beans have been seen as a good idea. Why is freezing coffee beans good idea and how should you do the freezing? Does freezing the coffee beans really make your coffee taste even better? 

Want to Brew Better Coffee at Home - Try This!


Everyone wants to drink great coffee always everywhere, right? In cafés you can rely in the barista's expertise and proper equipment but how about better coffee at home also? Have you struggled to brew that delicious coffee at home? Want to know a secret tip which will definitely make your coffee at home taste better? Check out the tip from below!

New Life of Coffee - How to Recycle Used Coffee Grounds


“No waste” is the statement of the era! How to use coffee grounds once they have been brewed? Find out  how coffee ground waste can be reduced but more importantly, how used coffee grounds can be recycled and upcycled! We are not talking about waste, we are talking about a raw material! 

How Will Coffee Drinks Look in 2021


In the past few years when we have observed coffee trends, the trend has been leaning more towards of functionalism and precise execution of specialty coffees. These both are definitely here to stay also during this year, but I believe we will see more and more visually driven coffee recipes. What can we expect from the 2021 coffee visuals and over all looks? Here are some my personal favorites on coffee visuals.

Lithuanian Coffee Culture - What is It Like?


Lithuanian coffee culture is a one of a kind. Coffee came to Lithuania 300 years ago via Turkey and it was available only to the privileged class. Nowadays in Lithuania, it is common to drink espresso based coffees but it's becoming more common to try out different coffee types. Also specialty coffee cafés are really booming in Lithuania. Let's dig deeper into the Lithuanian coffee culture!

Ratio Six - The Best Coffee Brewer for Home?


Filter coffee makers come in different shapes and sizes and now there's a new kid in the block; Ratio Six. Ratio Six by Ratio Coffee promises modern brewing techniques without any big hassle so that you can concentrate on enjoying your cup of delicious filter coffee. Let's see if Ratio Six can keep its promises and what is Ratio Six all about!

How to Pour Latte Art - Heart


Heart is definitely the one latte art pattern where baristas often start their latte art career. Heart is pretty simple latte art pattern to pour but there are some tips and tricks how to pour it perfectly. Here is my guide how to pour a latte art heart.

How to Pour Latte Art - 101 Videos


Latte art most likely the most exciting thing to learn for a barista but on the other hand latte art isn't easy. We have made some latte art videos for you to check out and we hope these latte art videos help you to become better at pouring  latte art.